We believe that movement is infinitely refinable and the pursuit of virtuosity in movement for EVERY human being is essential to improving athleticism and, more importantly, quality of life. As coaches it is our responsibility to constantly be learning and growing so that we can help ourselves and the athletes we coach move well to the utmost of our ability.


The Movement Essentials Workshop & Coaches Gathering is a 1-2 day experience that focuses on movement and coaching of movement. On Day 1 we will begin with fundamental movement principles that will transfer to all movements whether you train using the CrossFit methodology, olympic style weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, yoga, pilates, Zumba, etc. We will then finish Day 1 applying these principles to a high skilled movement such as the snatch, clean, muscle up, pull up, or handstand push up. On Day 2 we will review the happenings of Day 1 but from a Coach’s perspective. Coaches will take what they learned in Day 1 and learn how to apply it into their training of others. We will cover progressions, scaling, adaptations, and perhaps go down a few rabbit trails to enhance comprehension and confidence in applying the principles.


Day 1 is for EVERYONE: coach, athlete, weekend warrior, coach potato. EVERY aspect of Day 1 will be accessible, adaptable, and relevant to any person who wants to learn. Day 2 is for coaches seeking further conversation, application and understanding of the principles covered in Day 1.  

Genna Speed

The Movement Essentials Workshop was an amazing opportunity to learn about how the breath guides our body, if only we will listen. The breath allows us to assess our own movement if we're willing to put ego aside and focus on movement mastery instead of task completion. This workshop should be prerequisite training before coaching any athlete. 

Melanie LeBlanc

This seminar isn’t about movement; it’s about life: the past, the present, the future. We are human. We are an ENTIRE and COMPLETE system. If one thing is off, it affects the system in its entirety. Ray does an amazing job helping connect ourselves with ourselves through this workshop. My only request to anyone, even remotely thinking of doing one day, is you MUST do BOTH days. 



Rachel Nutting

So much more than a movement workshop! Ray is fluid with his knowledge and he's got lots of it. I learned to connect to my body, breathing, movements and my people better. I encourage anyone looking to move/feel better or to help others do the same to attend. Can't wait to host my next one! 

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